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‘Down to Earth Spirituality’ 

Northern Light Reiki & Retreats provides a service to those who are in need of healing, awakening, transfiguring and transforming.

Established in 2015 by me, Samantha Cellier, I offer a number of connective services  which include Reiki, Guided Meditation, Reiki Training, Intuition Mentoring and Countryside Retreats.

Northern Light Reiki & Retreats exists to serve those who have a calling for positive change and my aim is to assist people to work through blockages to their own healing and life fulfilment. My ethos is to assist people to understand their own spirituality and move into their authenticity, discovering true happiness with who & what they are. I have a deep connection to our beautiful planet & I work collaboratively with Mother Earth, to hold space for others to heal in a natural, kind & compassionate way, whilst promoting a rise in respect & consciousness of the way we treat our world. 




Is used to help people relax & strengthen their wellbeing, but can also help to reduce pain, anxiety & fatigue. It can also support recovery after injuries & operations & has been known to reduce the side effects of medications. 



Usui Reiki level 1, 2 & Master/Teacher Training/Attunements



Countryside Transformative Reiki & Meditation Retreats designed for people who want to discover more about who they are and their own natural ability to heal.  


Some of my lovely clients...


Melbourne, Australia

Sam is an incredible light worker. She held space for me during a time when I needed her the most. Sam and I are 13,000 miles apart but each distance Reiki session we have is incredibly powerful. She is empathetic, calm, nurturing and down to earth. I have regular distance Reiki sessions & will be making sure my next flight to my homeland in the UK coincides with one of her Reiki retreats!


West Yorkshire

 I started having regular Reiki treatments with Sam around 18 months ago, they are the most amazing experiences. I have had both physical and emotional problems healed, and the spiritual encounters we have had have been awesome. I also attended the guided meditation group which Sam organised, it was great to meet like minded ladies, and share the experiences afterwards. Sam is a very loving, gifted Reiki master and taking the level 1 Reiki training with her was very special and continues to help me in my own Reiki journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam, and I look forward to joining one of her retreat weekends.


West Yorkshire

I have been having regular sessions of reiki with Sam for 2years now. I was recommended to try it from my daughter as I suffer badly with fibromyalgia. It was the best thing I ever did. The sessions are so so relaxing and this carries on for hours after which is great for me.  Unbelievable is the only way to describe it.

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