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Down to Earth Spirituality

Coming soon...........Do you find yourself following the breadcrumbs of something awakening within you? 

Often leading you to seek more information on spirituality, reiki and healing modalities, energy, meditation, synchronicities, intuition, chakras, psychic development and more...but you're unsure where to go?

Then you're in the right place.

My podcasts are helpful discussions and explanations of what often seems 'unexplainable'.

The 'woowoo' made not woowoo.

 A very down to earth approach to what is often thought to be not of this earth.

It will all make sense, just give me a listen!!

I'm honoured to have been interviewed on Reiki Radio Podcasts by the wonderfully inspiring Yolanda Williams.

Yolanda is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive Self-Mastery Coach, who lives in America. Yolanda and her Reiki Radio Podcast has been a guiding light for me on my spiritual journey. 

Yolanda has been asking me for some time now to be on the podcasts, but I didn't feel ready...... until now!

It was a fabulous experience and after worrying that I wouldn't have enough to say, I think Yolanda actually had trouble shutting me up!

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