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Reiki Level 1

Heal yourself, family, friends and animals

Once you are attuned to Reiki Level One, a major internal healing process takes place within you! This process clears your channels of stagnant energy and energetic blockages. You become a clear channel for wonderful life force energy to move through, holding space, channelling energy, so that healing can take place.

Reiki level one is perfect for those wishing to heal themselves and others.

Reiki is a wonderful healing modality that works for the highest good of the recipient. It is gentle, yet powerful and can have life changing effects. 

Those who wish to continue can, after time, be attuned/trained to Reiki Level Two (practitioner), and Reiki Master/Teacher.
This is by no means a process to be rushed as some major energetic changes & transformation can take place after attunements, but it is by far the most incredible and enlightening journey I have embarked on in my life.

If you would like to book on to this Reiki Level 1 Usui Training please get in touch. Places are limited, as I only work with small groups.

You will receive Usui Reiki Level One Training Manuals and Certificates of completion. 

This training is a full day (10am – 16:30pm),

£125 (non-refundable - payment in advance)

Please check my events page for upcoming Reiki level 1 workshops.

Reiki Level 2
Practitioner Attunement/Training

Is it time to take it to the next level? 

If you would like to deepen your Reiki practice, or maybe start your own Reiki business, full or part time, this is the training you need. 
At Reiki level 2 you are given three Japanese Usui Reiki symbols.

I guide you through a process of embodiment of the symbols, so that they become part of you and your Reiki practice. 
You also receive the ‘Distance’ Reiki symbol, so that you can send Reiki healing to those who require healing but are unable to physically attend a session. 

This training hugely assists you with your intuitive Reiki practice, and I will also provide you with guidance around setting up your own Reiki business. You will receive a Reiki level 2 manual and a certificate of completion. 

A detox prior to the training must take place. 
A number of case studies and practical application of Reiki must be completed in order to gain your certification for this course. 

The course is a full day (10am – 5:30pm)

£175 (non-refundable - payment in advance)

Please check my events page for upcoming Reiki 2 workshops.

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