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Reiki 1


Date: Saturday 29th April 2023

Location: Dalton, Thirsk


Reiki 2


Date: Saturday 10th June 2023

Location: Dalton, Thirsk


Once you are attuned to Reiki Level One, a major internal healing process takes place within you! This process clears your channels of stagnant energy and energetic blockages. You become a clear channel for wonderful life force energy to move through, holding space, channelling energy, so that healing can take place.

Reiki level one is perfect for those wishing to heal themselves and others.

Is it time to take it to the next level? 

If you would like to deepen your Reiki practice, or maybe start your own Reiki business, full or part time, this is the training you need. 
At Reiki level two you are given three Japanese Usui Reiki symbols.

I guide attendees through a process of embodiment of the symbols, so that they become part of you and your Reiki practice. 

Reiki Master


Date: March 2023

Location: Dalton,



Moon Magick Meditation Circles (Monthly)

Date:  7th April

Location: Lady Fern Woods



Enquire for Timings & Booking

circle attendee.jpg

We gather in the woods and together we walk & forest bathe to ground our energy and unplug from the busy world, We join in circle by the fire for a cacao ceremony under the watchful eye of nature. We surrender what no longer serves us to the divine! 

Finally we retire to the warmth of the sacred space bell tent for deep healing guided meditation. These circles take place under special moon energy to assist attendees to manifest, attract, connect, release & let go. Attending these sessions regularly can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your well-being .

Sun & Me.jpg

Reiki Master/Teacher Attunements are for those who want to take their Reiki to the ultimate level with the option to then go on to teach others.

Not all reiki masters teach reiki, but in my lineage it is greatly encouraged (the world needs more healers).

You will be attuned and trained at this level to be able to pass on the sacred initiations of reiki. Notice your energy rise to a whole new vibration by becoming a Reiki Master.

Answer the calling!

Crystals 101


Date: tbc

Location: Dalton, Thirsk

Cost: £69

Learn the basics of how to use crystals in everyday life. Learn how crystals can protect your energy, help you to heal, improve your health, bring you luck and raise your energetic vibration. These workshops will improve your knowledge of how and why we use crystal energy and how to choose crystals for your needs. You will also learn how to cleanse and re-charge your crystals.

Nature Immersion - Ancient Woodland Retreats & Foraging Walks

Location:  Brafferton/Helperby

Dates announced by newsletter, or enquire for your own bespoke retreats....

me meditating.jpg

These retreats are transformative! Using a blissful combination of Forest Bathing, Reiki, Meditation and Magick to relax, de-stress, self-connect & heal.

Transformation on wonderful levels can take place whilst out in nature. Mother Earth's natural healing energy will support your own healing and spiritual growth.

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